Baby Smuffs featured on Channel 4 for the Holidays

Smuffs come in two sizes, one for newborns to three months and one for older babies up to a year old, (depending on head circumference.) They come in baby blue or pink, feature a tether to help keep them in place, and are machine washable.

Smuffs are very affordable, priced around the same amount you would pay for other head ware that does not offer sound protection. Order yours using our safe and secure website or visit one of our retailers.

With Smuffs you finally have a product that combines fashion & functionality to allow your baby to look adorable yet be protected!


Baby Smuffs offers hearing protection headbands using our patent pending noise muffling technology, which is built right into the head wear. Cute, cozy and offering great ear protection for babies, our Baby Smuffs headbands are a must have for parents. The headbands are made of 100% jersey cotton to be super comfortable for baby and easy to clean for parents.

The headbands are a great year round choice for indoor events such as basketball games or concerts as well as fireworks and outdoor summer concerts.



Baby Smuffs unique patent pending ear protection for babies is now available in a cute-as-a-button beanie made of soft fleece. The beanie offers parents double duty with a warm, winter hat that has sound muffling technology built right in.

The fleece beanies are a genius idea for parents who want to take their little one to an outdoor sporting event, protect them from the cold, and preserve their hearing all at the same time.



Baby Smuffs Hats are made of soft cotton jersey and feature a visor for added sun protection in addition to the built in sound muffling hearing protection.

Our patent pending hats protect baby’s ears from loud noise so you can go ahead and take your baby to the ballgame, motocross races or any other summer event knowing their delicate ears are protected.

Breakthrough technology protecting precious hearing, Baby Smuffs

There are plenty of things to worry about when you have a new baby. In case your list wasn’t long enough, here’s one more thing to add to the list: your baby’s precious hearing. Right now, there is an epidemic of completely preventable hearing loss in this country. The kind of hearing loss that is caused by noise. We are bombarded by environmental noise every day both inside the home and out. And all that noise, over time, adds up and the result can be devastating: hearing loss in your precious baby. There are about 3 million kids under the age of three who currently suffer from completely preventable hearing loss. Babies are particularly sensitive to loud noises. Researchers have found the what sounds loud to us, can sound up to twenty times louder to a baby, simply because baby’s tiny little ear magnifies sound.

Sadly, even a small amount of hearing loss can lead to big problems for little kids. It can affect their developing speech and communication skills, lead to poor language comprehension and to difficulty in classroom learning, all before they even start preschool. But there is hope. Noise induced hearing loss is completely preventable. By taking a few simple steps you can preserve your baby’s hearing before it’s too late.

First, understand what too loud is. Sound is measured in decibels. The more decibels the more likelihood of causing hearing damage. A normal conversation is around 60 decibels. A barking dog measures about 75 decibels. And a lawn mower, garbage disposal and telephone dial tone all register at 85 decibels. A rock concert is 110 decibels, and so is a baby’s cry. Anything over 85 decibels can cause hearing loss with repeated exposure. At 160 decibels the eardrum explodes. The general rule is, the louder the noise the less time it takes to cause damage. The greatest risk to your baby’s hearing is the repeated exposure they encounter every day. And while we don’t recommend taking baby to a rock concert nor do we recommend sealing him in a soundproof room.

So, that leads to the second, protect your baby from noise. The easiest and best way to preserve your baby’s hearing is with baby hearing protection products. Stuffing something inside the baby’s ear is a bad idea . (Remember, only your elbow should go in your ear.) A better solution is to go with over the ear protection instead; go with noise reduction ear muffs. Ear muffs can now be built into a baby hat, or a headband, that baby can wear all the time without looking like an alien. And a hat with built in ear muffs can not only protect baby’s hearing, but can also do double duty to protect baby from the sun in the summer and the cold in the winter. Not to mention the added benefit of letting baby stay asleep when the doorbell rings and the dog starts barking; saving baby’s hearing and your sanity, a win win for everyone!